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Mario Guillen of G.FRAGA is a Palm Springs based fashion designer. When the Pandemic began, Mario learned (as we all did) of the shortages facing medical workers and saw an opportunity to do something for the community. He immediately turned his studio into a production facility and began making face masks. To date, Mario has donated over 2,000 masks to local medical facilities including Eisenhower, several Senior care facilities and the DAP. When Riverside County began requiring everyone to wear masks when leaving the home, he decided to offer masks to the local community. Each mask his handmade and the revenue will be used to purchase additional supplies so he can continue making and donating masks to the medical community.

Mask info:

These are not medical grade N95 masks and can NOT be worn by medical professionals or front line care givers.

The masks are made up of 3 layers. The middle layer is a cotton Flannel that acts as a filter with the two outside layers made of 100% Cotton Poplin. There is also soft 1/4″ elastic used to go around the ears. .

G.Fraga face masks are a symbol of the Hero’s that we each are in the face of this epidemic and are made to both protect and inspire us.

Please be aware that they are not as effective as the N95 version in filtering out contagions and should not be considered a replacement. However, they are likely to be significantly more effective than just fabric.

U.S. domestic orders should arrive in 3-4 business days, international orders may not be available at this time and shipping rates vary.
All masks are made one size fits all (10”x6”) but there is a top and bottom to fit the more accurately. The small seam on the top is for the nose and the longer seam is on the bottom is to accommodate the chin. They are also washable.